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Hong Kong-based brand Ziiiro describes its watches as "minimal, futuristic and cool". The company was founded in 2010 when Hong Kong native Derick Ip discovered some watch designs German graphic designer Robert Dabi had posted online. Ip made contact and expressed his desire to put the watches into production.

The pair went into business, coining the brand’s tagline – "zero buttons, zero loose parts, zero numbers" – from which the company derived its name.

Dabi’s graphic design background is central to the fantastical appearance of the brand’s watches, which communicate time using an abstract combination of colour, form and movement rather than the typical components of hands, numbers and markers.

"I wanted to think of something that looks different from regular watches," says Dabi. "In daily life I noticed that I never needed to know the exact seconds of the present time, so for this concept I just declared the possibility of being able to read the time super precisely as unnecessary as well."