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Swedish-born designer David Ericsson launched his small watch company in 2008 “as a bit of a side project” whilst working as an engineer. Now based in Hong Kong, Ericsson and designer Michael Young have created four extensive product ranges for Void Watches.

Each timepiece is defined by its pared-back aesthetic, which combines Swedish design with high quality materials that are selected for their functionality.

The brand recently released a scaled-down watch specially designed for women. The design in based on women’s watches from the 1940s, but updated with what Ericsson describes as “a slightly more modern aesthetic”.

Void takes its name from astronomy; voids are the largest structures in the universe and can’t be seen or touched, only measured. In this way, the brand describes them as being similar to the concept of time.

"A wristwatch symbolises and measures the one commodity we all treasure but can’t control, buy or trade – time,” Ericsson told Dezeen Watch Store.