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Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares
Uniform Wares is a British brand that designs classic watches with understated contemporary details. The company was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek, who met while studying product design together.

Bek and Fowles’ ambition was to create a new breed of minimal timepieces for everyday use, as an alternative to over-embellished statement watches. "The aim was to produce a range of products that were part of your everyday uniform, which is where the name Uniform Wares came from," explained Bek.

The duo started with a wristwatch because they’d struggled to find smart, minimal watches they wanted to wear themselves. "That type of watch at that type of price point just didn’t exist and that was the type of watch that we wanted to wear,” said Bek.

The brand focuses on design and not branding. The duo believe any branding would interrupt the design, which is why you will never find a logo on the dial of a Uniform Wares watch.

In 2015 they transitioned to an entirely Swiss-made collection that features a series of increased quality watches split into two families, each with three ranges and each range with three references. This new collection strikes a balance between functionality and contemporary luxury, and is symbolic of the brand.

All C-Line and M-Line watches have high-end specifications including high-calibre, Swiss-made Ronda or ETA premium quartz movements, applied markers, scratch-resistant sapphire glass and clear, anti-reflective coatings. Every watch is developed entirely in Uniform Wares London studio and workshop, from initial sketch to the final design.