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Australian brand Stock was founded in 2013 by Melbourne-based designer and watch enthusiast David Tatangelo. The brand's name is a play on the idea of "stock" or standardised designs. "There is a playfulness in that the name itself suggests there isn't much going on, but a discerning eye will notice all the subtleties," Tatangelo told Dezeen.

Tatangelo aims to gently subvert the widespread trend for contemporary minimal watches by introducing subtle details from vintage timepieces found in his extensive collection. The design of Stock's timepieces is also driven by manufacturing restrictions. Many of the components are made from stainless steel, which Tatangelo sought to make as thin as possible.

Stock launched with the S001 series, which features a 7.5 millimetre-thick case and the now standard Stock face design with a single ring of thin lines of different lengths for the hours and minute markers. A small o with a line underneath sits at the 12 o'clock position and is based on the numero symbol – a typographic abbreviation for the word number. This symbol also appears in the brand's full logo, which is engraved on the back of its cases.

This was followed by the S002, which offered a wider variety of colour options and metal faces, and the smaller S003, which is just 6.5 millimetres thick and features a sub dial for the seconds hand. The latest addition is the S004, which adds a date window to the brand's simple, stripped-back face design.