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Squarestreet was launched by Swedish designer Alexis Holm in 2010, taking its name from the road it was founded on in Hong Kong’s creative district of Sheung Wan. The lifestyle brand is well known for its popular one-handed Minuteman watch, which indicates the time within a five minute window and encourages a more relaxed approach to timekeeping. "Instead of knowing the exact second of every minute and stressing over the fact that you’re 45 seconds late, we invite you to casually glance at your watch and instead say: 'Oh, it’s about quarter past three',” Alex Holm told Dezeen Watch Store. “Squarestreet was not founded on a singular idea, instead we have always strived to keep the brand open to new challenges and product categories,” Holm continued. “When we saw the opportunity to create something truly unique, we didn’t hold back.” The watches are produced in Hong Kong using locally sourced materials – but Holm and his Swedish business partner David Ericsson from VOID develop them with a distinctly Scandinavian touch. Squarestreet’s product portfolio also includes leather bags, footwear and other accessories.