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Jack Markuse founded Projects in 1990 after a decade and a half working with Italian design brand Alessi in the US.

To establish the Projects brand, he commissioned well-known architects and designers like Michael Graves, Stanley Tigerman and Takenobu Igarashi to create a diverse range of household products from bathroom accessories to weathervanes – and watches.

Projects started producing watches in 1992, beginning with Graves’ now-iconic OH Watch. Its famous Building Timepieces collection was released six years later. Markuse invited 17 architects to design original pieces for the collection, including Kisho Kurokawa, Moshe Safdie, Coop Himmelb(l)au and Richard Gluckman.

The result established Projects' reputation for experimental, design-led watchmaking, which continues today with products like the Crossover and Sometimes by Milan designer Denis Guidone.

Guidone describes his watch designs, which subvert normal modes of displaying the time, as "provocative and paradoxical essays in object-making". He particularly likes to play with juxtaposition and optical illusions in the design of his watch faces. "It might seem strange, but I hate designing watches," he said. "I prefer to think in terms of designing time.”