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MMT watches are made from classic materials and have a pared-back yet nostalgic look that is as popular with middle-aged architects as it is with twenty-something hipsters.

Inspired by the pocket watches owned by their grandparents, French brothers Jeremy and Baptiste Guedez – along with their friend Thomas Letourneux – wanted to create a range of contemporary timepieces that were nostalgic for the past.

“There’s not much of a difference in the act of checking the time on a pocket watch or an iPhone,” Baptiste Guedez explained. “It’s funny to see the parallels of this gesture.”

After developing a range of pocket watches in a factory in Hong Kong, MMT – an abbreviation of the word “momento” – launched in 2011. The brand has since expanded into wristwatches and launched the Circles, Revolution and Moonlight collections.

“We bring subtle elements that make the watch a truly personal item,” co-founder Thomas Letourneux told Dezeen Watch Store.

“A watch being a symbolic piece, we want the wearer to not only carry an elegant accessory but also to relate to the product through the unique experience it provides.”