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LEFF amsterdam

LEFF amsterdam
Brothers Arno and Dennis Ruijzenaars and Erwin Termaat founded watch brand LEFF amsterdam in 2011 with the aim to break away from the design of “dull and boring basics”.

LEFF amsterdam’s motto is that “nobody really needs a clock” – a sentiment shared by prolific designer Piet Hein Eek, who teamed up with LEFF to launch his first timepiece.

Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek gained the attention of the design world when his graduation project, ‘Scrapwood Creations’, was noticed by leaders in the design industry. He went on to open a studio under his name in 1992 where he continues to create furniture with fellow designer Nob Ruijgrok.

Eek’s work aims to show imperfect products can still appeal to us functionally and aesthetically. “I wanted to design a product that could be made with limited means and material that was abundant,” Eek says.

Piet designed his first watch range, the Tube Series, for LEFF in 2015 – despite acknowledging the market is already flooded with thousands of models. “I said before I started with the commission: ‘I’ll only do it when I have a good idea, when I feel comfortable with a concept that is good enough to get it all the way’,” Eek explains.

The designs for the Tube Series rely on analogue components. The watch face is surrounded by a serrated ring with cog-like indentations and protrusions, which indicate the hours. Eek said he was able to bring something new to watch and clock design by building this integral part of the face into the design, rather than thinking of the numbers as an after treatment. This also resonates with his style of exposing elements of construction in his products.