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Eone is an inclusive design company based in Washington DC, originally established by entrepreneur Hyungsoo Kim to produce the Bradley, a timepiece for blind people that can be read using touch alone. Kim was struck by the need for better watch designs for blind people when sitting next to a visually impaired student during a lecture at MIT. The student’s watch informed him of the time audibly but this solution was often impractical.

Kim approached two graduate students, David Zacher and Amanda Sim, then studying at Rhode Island School of Design, to develop a solution to this problem. Together they conceived of a mechanism that relied on magnets to manipulate two metal balls that could be touched in relation to raised markers to ascertain the hour and minute. The Bradley was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2013, exceeding its $40,000 target by $550,000. The watch is named after Bradley Snyder, the blind Paralympic gold medal-winning swimmer who lost his sight while serving in the United States Navy in Afghanistan, and who helped in the project's development.

The Bradley has gained many fans in both the sighted and blind communities, for its unique aesthetic – and also that there are always going to be occasions where it's useful to tell the time without looking at your watch.

The visual appeal of the Bradley was part of Kim's vision for the product: "We wanted to show that blind people have an equal desire to be fashionable and look good," he explained. "Before, they didn’t even have an option, but now they do."

The Bradley was nominated for the London Design Museum's Designs of the Year award in 2014. Eone is currently developing several other inclusive design projects, to be launched in the near future.