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Eley Kishimoto

Eley Kishimoto
American brand Fossil launched in 1984 to sell watches. While it has since become a major lifestyle business that also sells jewellery and accessories, its goal remains the same as the day it opened shop: to develop modern products with a sense of humour, inspired by vintage styling.

In 2014, the brand launched a collection of products developed in collaboration with critically renowned Brixton-based studio Eley Kishimoto. Founded in 1992 by husband and wife team Wakako Kishimoto and Mark Eley, the studio is renowned for its graphic print work – and it has applied its design sensibility to a range of 19 pieces for Fossil, including bags, scarves, cardholders and, of course, watches.

Modelled on analogue kitchen timers, Eley Kishimoto’s Retro Timer is a playful and nostalgic timepiece that uses an aluminium-rotating disc to mark the minutes instead of a traditional watch hand.

Kishimoto had been looking closely at the red disc common on kitchen timers: "We started to have a conversation about how we can use the red disc somehow, and then just put a point on the red disc to have it as the minutes," Eley said.

Together with Fossil, a new kind of watch movement was designed to make the disc rotate. "We developed, by a happy accident, a new way of telling time," Eley said.

Eley Kishimoto's Sweet Reminder model is inspired by a 1950s alarm clock. A similarly playful and nostalgic timepiece, it houses a three-hand quartz movement and an alarm function, and is available in a number of retro colours.