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Based in Pforzheim in Germany, the Ickler family has been manufacturing timepieces since 1924. Raphael Ickler continued this heritage when he founded watch brand Defakto in 2009. He now designs watches with a minimal aesthetic on his own.

"Defakto is a one-man company – I do not have any employees," Ickler tells Dezeen. "Everything from concept to final design, communications, administration and logistics comes from one person. I think this is the most important backbone of Defakto as a brand itself.”

The brand's mission is to create single-hand and two-hand watches with a minimalist aesthetic that change how we interact with time.

The design of the watches recall the teachings of the Bauhaus movement while maintaining a minimal geometric form.

"I am fascinated by Minimalism, my first books about Bauhaus and Dieter Rams sure had an impact on what I do now," Ickler says. "There is so much sensibility and character in simplicity."

The Defakto range now includes over 10 watches. The original – the single-hand Defakto Eins – encourages the wearer to take a more relaxed approach to timekeeping with its larger intervals. Ickler followed up the Eins with the Akkord and the Detail. The Detail Series is the latest range from the brand and features two new watches: the Detail Struktur and the Detail Mono, both of which include characteristically slim cases and minimal dials.

Defakto watches come with stainless steel or bronze cases, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens, and German-made calfskin leather straps.