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Chi and Chi

Chi and Chi
Taiwan-based design studio Chi and Chi was launched by two brothers in 2013. After working as product designers for lifestyle brands, Stephen Chiu Chi Hung and Leo Chiu Chi Tat decided to set up their own company, driven by a desire to create a different kind of product to what already existed in the market.

"The meaning behind an object should come first – the story behind it, the interesting facts, and its uniqueness,” Stephen Chi told Dezeen Watch Store.

One of their first designs was the Polygon watch, which features an unusual faceted watchcase comprising 24 planes. Each side corresponds to an hour of the day. Its face shifts in accordance to the reflection of morning or evening sunlight, something that the brothers hope will allow users to tell the time in a more interesting way.

For Chi and Chi, working closely with manufacturers is an integral part of the creative process, and the brand initially struggled to find a company that could produce the Polygon’s geometric silhouette. “At the beginning, several manufacturers turned us down because it was so difficult to make,” Stephen explained. “We almost needed to redesign the whole watch.”