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AÃRK Collective is a team of four creatives based in Melbourne, Australia. They first launched AÃRK in 2014, working outside of their nine-to-five jobs with the aim of designing contemporary, minimalist timepieces for likeminded individuals.

The brand's debut collection included three classic timepieces that are modern, graphic and distinct. Since then, AÃRK has launched the 002 range, which is influenced by ideas of time and space.

“We like to keep it simple and geometric, which is the underlying aesthetic of the brand," co-founder Auver Austria tells Dezeen. "When designing, I normally take into account the elements of a timepiece and see how these elements can be represented in either an abstract way or a more contemporary manner."

AÃRK’s 002 collection was the first ever collection launch at Dezeen Watch Store. It includes four timepieces, the Tide, Shell, Eclipse and Eon, each of which is partially based on the phonograph records launched with NASA’S Voyager 1 space probe. All four are inspired by the physical phenomenon or principle they are named after.

"It has always been about creating points of difference and finding ways to explore ideas which lead to cleverly designed products that are uniquely us," Austria explains. "Personally, I like to treat the designs as more of a composition of shapes. I consider how they interact with one another to create moments of alignment."