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The Dezeen Watch Store guide to: Father’s Day gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to thank your dad for all his hard work over the years. Embarrassing, cheerful, strict or contemplative; whatever type of dad he is, we doubt he needs any more socks, shirt and ties.

After comparing notes and childhood photos, the team at Dezeen Watch Store came up with seven types of dad that you could be buying gifts for, and have recommended the ideal watch for each type to ensure you get something he won’t have forgotten this time next year, no matter how bad his memory is.


The Perfect Gentleman by Sam Brewster

Gets up hours before everyone else to iron his pocket square and read the morning’s financial papers. Always finishes work late, but still musters up the energy to ask enthusiastic questions about your day. Insists that you should wear more sensible clothes, all the time. Hasn’t worn a pair of jeans in 20 years.

Type of watch that suits him: one with a classic, refined design and a history behind it. Ideally a pocket watch.


The Technophobe by Sam Brewster

An advocate of the simple life. Often says your generation spends more time on social networks than actually socialising, and he’s probably right. Is unsure if he has a Twitter account and refuses to throw away the VCR ‘just in case’. Thinks GIF is what you use to clean bathrooms.

Type of watch that suits him: something simple and reliable with a numbered face and no inessential features.

For the Technophone: BN0032 by Braun (white)

For The Technophobe: BN0032 by Braun (white)


The Old-Timer by Sam Brewster

He was always the oldest dad among your friendship group, but still gave it a good go at sports day. Asks you to read out the menu when you go for lunch, as he often leaves his reading glasses at home. Likes things done the old fashioned way.

Type of watch that suits him: one with an easy-to-read face and a classic leather strap.


The Soft Touch by Sam Brewster

Kind, considerate and prefers the carrot to the stick. Often seen locked in long chats with neighbours and has acted as your personal chauffeur more times than you care to remember. He’s upstaged you with better Christmas gifts four years running.

Type of watch that suits him: a wristwatch with a soft and flexible strap that’s easier on the skin; graceful rather than garish.


The Extrovert by Sam Brewster

A flamboyant dresser with an impressive collection of floral shirts and an endless drawer of conversation topics. Loves technology and seems to have a new gadget every week. Sings in public and is considered a hero by your girlfriends. His smartphone makes yours look like an antique.

Type of watch that suits him: a conversation piece that tells the time in a new and unique way.

For The Extrovert: V02 by VOID (polished)

For The Extrovert: V02 by VOID (polished)


The Details Man by Sam Brewster

Always a perfectionist and often pedantic, he loves the little details in everything. Knows far too much about trains and has more history books than your school did. A great help with your homework when you were young, but now he corrects the grammar in your Facebook posts.

Type of watch that suits him: something with a complex mechanism inside or unique movement. Possibly something Swiss and, if you’re feeling flush, a tourbillon.


The Hunter-Gatherer by Sam Brewster

A self-described ‘man of the outdoors’, he feels more at home next to a camp fire than the living room radiator. Always buys too much meat for the BBQ and insists that it shouldn’t go on the grill until the embers have nearly disappeared. Seems to know the names of every species of bird and could pitch a tent with his eyes closed. Loves rambling, OS maps and using the stars to navigate.

Type of watch that suits him: one that’s rugged and hardwearing, preferably with a military strap.

For The Hunter-Gatherer: No 1 by Form Us With Love (black)

For The Hunter-Gatherer: No 1 by Form Us With Love (black)

To ensure delivery before Father’s Day, please make sure you place your orders before the following dates:

UK orders by Wednesday 11 June

EU, USA and Canada orders by Tuesday 10 June

Rest of the world orders by Sunday 8 June

Don’t forget, we’re also including free worldwide shipping on all orders over £60!

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Illustration by Sam Brewster