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“I’m getting used to wearing watches – I feel odd when I’m not wearing one”

Next up in our series about people and their watches is Daniel Werg, brand manager at MINI, whose Daniel Wellington is the first watch he’s worn since he was a child (+ interview).

We caught up with Daniel in Munich during a Dezeen and MINI Frontiers, where the 31-year-old explained why he waited so long before finally settling on the Classic St Andrews in silver.

Tell us about yourself. My name is Daniel Werg and I look after brand partnerships at MINI, especially those about urban culture.

What watch are you wearing? I’m wearing a Daniel Wellington , which I purchased through Dezeen Watch Store. I basically bought it because of its simplicity and look. I love brown leather and it has a brown leather strap, so that’s also why I got it.

How did you first become aware of Daniel Wellington watches?

 I saw it in a magazine and felt like this is a watch I would really like to own. Usually I don’t have jewellery or watches, but thought this could be the kind of watch I would wear.

When was the last time you owned a watch? 

When I was a kid. I probably had a Swatch when I was between eight and ten, but then I stopped wearing it.

Why was that?

Because I always felt awkward having something on my wrist. I don’t know, it didn’t feel right. Then mobile phones started becoming popular so I never needed one.

Daniel Werg after a Dezeen and MINI Frontiers workshop in MunichDaniel Werg

Daniel Werg after a Dezeen and MINI Frontiers workshop in Munich

Did you buy a watch for practical reasons or was it an impulse buy? 

I was looking for the right watch. I had heritage watches in mind. I know those kind of watches are usually very expensive, so I couldn’t afford them and I wasn’t interested in buying one. But since this watch has a medium to low price tag, I thought I’d get one.

Are you happy with it? 

Yeah, really happy with it. It doesn’t feel odd because now I’m getting used to wearing watches – I feel odd when I’m not wearing one.

It was nothing to do with Daniel Wellington watches having the same initials as you then? 

That’s a coincidence I realised after I bought it!

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