Déjà Vu (blue)

Denis Guidone



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Déjà Vu (blue) is the second watch at Dezeen Watch Store by Denis Guidone for American brand Projects.

The watch appears to feature two traditional watch hands that leave behind a trail of colour as time passes. However, on further inspection these sweeps of colour are simply graphics used to mark the hours and minutes. The graphics are printed on two disks layered on top of each other. The top disk is transparent.

Déjà Vu comes in three colours: blue, white and yellow. It has a soft rubber strap that attaches to the lugs of the watch face. The watch case is made of IP plated black stainless steel.

This unisex watch is popular with both men and women. It has a 33mm face and a 230mm long strap.

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Brand: Projects. Model: Dèjà Vu. Case: stainless steel IP plated black stainless steel. Case diameter: 33mm. Case thickness: 8mm. Strap: 230mm black rubber band. Water resistance: 3ATM. Manufacturers’ warranty: 12 months.