Denis Guidone watches

Denis Guidone lives and resides in Milan, and his practice encompasses everything from architecture to product design and visual communication. The designer’s philosophy is inspired by the idea of subtraction, and often focuses on the unification of opposites through design. Guidone has been collaborating with Nava Design on a variety of watches, stationery and accessories since 2010.

After graduating from the Politecnico of Milano and Faup Oporto (Portugal), the designer was awarded the International Design Award (Los Angeles, 2009); taking first prize for his Ora Unica (One Hour) watch. A version of the watch is still available, and features a scribbled line instead of hands. Guidone has continued to explore this playful approach to time during his collaborations with Nava; other timepieces include the Ora Lattea, which homage to celestial time with three black dots that mark the hour, second and centre and Kaos, which includes a dial marked with a scattered collection of hands. For Denis Guidone, conventional time telling is there to be challenged.