Daniel Wellington watches

The story behind Daniel Wellington began when Filip Tysander the brand’s founder, met Daniel Wellington, an intriguing and well-dressed gentleman from the British Isles. His impeccable and unpretentious style was complemented by his wrist wear – classic Rolex watches with old and weathered Nato straps, made from military materials. Tysander and Wellington struck up a friendship; the former was so inspired by Wellington’s timeless style that he decided to name his then un-launched watch brand after the Englishman.

Tysander incorporated Wellington’s distinct aesthetic into his own designs, using it as a benchmark for quality assurance and asking himself ‘would this be good enough for Daniel?’ The resultant designs are elegant and traditional with a minimalist twist, set on a leather strap.

Other designs include a Nato strap. Nato straps originate from the British Navy, where divers would use the strong nylon straps over their wet suits to stop rusting and Tysander adapted the fabric for the straps of his own designs. Many of the straps are interchangeable, completing the brand’s distinctive and preppy style.