Braun watches

During a career of almost 40 years at Braun, German designer Dieter Rams helped build one of the most influential and innovative brands of the Twentieth Century. Constantly striving to do “less, but better”, Rams helped Braun create innovative and stylish electrical products such as electric shavers, coffee makers and record players, not to mention a range of pleasingly functional watches and alarm clocks, created by Rams and his colleague Dietrich Lubs.

The legacy of Rams and Lubs is now the touchstone for the new range of Braun Watches, made under licence by British watch brand Zeon since 2010. Inspired by the original designs by Rams and Lubs, designer Michael Carr has created a new range of products that bring the Braun brand up to date.” The range has been designed using the same principles and standards set by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, reflecting their core values of functionality, quality and aesthetics,” he says.

“We haven’t been looking to the past for inspiration,” Carr adds. “Instead we designed each model for a modern purpose, utilising the most up-to-date materials and innovative technology to produce a forward-thinking watch range.”

The reintroduction of the Braun brand name has been a huge success. The Braun BN0035 chronograph, with its clear, legible face, three-hand quartz chronograph movement and mustard yellow second hand, received two gold iF product awards in 2012, while another four iF prizes have been awarded to other watches in the range.

“Regardless of the project, the best results usually come from following the simple rule of ‘form follows function’,” says Carr. “But in the working world you rarely get to put this into practice, so it’s a pleasure to work on a range that is so pure and honest in its design ethics. We take pride in continuing what Braun started.”