Dezeen Watch Store gets in on the #sexpile action

The latest Instagram craze is the sexpile – social media slang for a photograph of a pile of beautiful watches.

We first heard about it via The Guardian, which wrote an article about the phenomenon last week.

“Apparently it all started when someone from a group of New York watch enthusiasts photographed a heap of luxury watches,” the newspaper wrote. “Legend dictates that, as she did this, she said: ‘That’s a sex pile. That’s just a pile of sex, of watches, and it must be termed as such.’”

Not wanting to be left behind, Dezeen Watch Store has jumped on the craze and will from now on publish a weekly #sexpile photo on our Instagram account.

We’ve just published the first one: a pile of new watches from Australian brand AÃRK, which we’ll be stocking on the store soon. For now, enjoy the photo!


1 day ago